Subtitling isn’t just a translation; it is the way you can get the top level of localization without loss of core meanings and enjoyment of your video.

Now you can imagine that

  • You’re watching a video with fainted subtitling, delayed, merged with background colors or rigid word-to-word translation.

       Of course, you lost your interest in the video and its topic you closed it soon.

  • Now you’re watching a video with transcreation subtitling, clear caption, exact timing, and good caption and location.

       Now you can complete your video till the end. 


If you’re the video producer in the two cases, trust that your audience will do the same in each case. 

When you choose your subtitler, you choose one of these 2 videos.

Now see my videos in which type are they?!



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 My videos told you about Six years of experience in all types of subtitling with gulf and global companies over the world.

Closed caption (CC)-

Open caption (OC)-

Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH)


Video subtitling story

How will your video be subtitled?


Audio transcription of the video, editing, and proofreading the text to ensure identical output.


Going through (TEP) process, I will translate the text adhering to all client’s guidance and language specifications.


  • Text fitting

By segmentation the text subject to the no. of characters limitation and reading speed parameters.


  • Time coding

To regulate the appearance and disappearance of subtitles according to speech and duration parameters.


  • Editing formats

 The editing font color, font size, spaces….etc according to the client’s guidelines and needs.


  • Quality assurance

By reviewing all previous steps according to 2 points of view

  • Translator’s eye 
  • Audience (viewer’s eye)

To ensure the best quality I can ever grant.

      My values

Quality is my duty


Datelines are my commitment

Post-delivery services are my competitive value

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