subtitling : the difference between open caption (OC) and close caption (CC)
February 2023


The huge spread of subtitling makes people so interested to know more about subtitling and know more about subtitling and captioning. you may know that subtitling has a history of around 120 years but so many people don’t know how this industry has begun. 

If you’re interested in subtitling, you will find all that you need to know in this blog.

What about subtitling history?

In 1906, the first subtitling trail came to the world, as expected in a film without sound, subtitles were called ” intertitles” or ” titles cards “

as in silent films, it appeared as cards with boxes of text between video scenes to explain about characters.

Then the first sound film came out, all people glared.

the usage of “intertitles ” decreased until the global opening and the flourish of the film industry, subtitling became necessary.


What is the difference between open captioning (OC) and closed captioning (CC)?


while people think they are the same but they are totally different.

Let me tell you the main differences between captioning and subtitles.

  • subtitles are targeting a normal audience who speaks another language and let him understand the dialogue of the video
  • but captioning is the dialogue text with sound effects targeting people with hearing impairment or hearing loss, it describes all sounds on the movie background like screaming, knocking the door, silence…etc. 
  • captions have 2 forms open captioning (OC) and closed captioning (CC) but subtitles are one kind.
  • some caption kinds could be open and close from DVD but subtitles are merged with the video.

Also, subtitles and captioning are the text of dialogue but you saw they have core differences so they need different systems and tools.

captioning can be done by many software like 

-REV captioning services

– pros 

– DIVXLAND program.

the best subtitling programs are

-Subtitle Edit

-Subtitle Workshop

-video proc


-Camtasia Studio 

Here are the most popular differences between captioning and subtitles if you have a question about it or you need more information don’t hesitate just ask me using this link or contact me by email


what is the difference between open caption (OC) and close caption (CC)?

  • Spreading 

The closed caption (cc) is more common than the open caption, used in most video streaming services like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

  •  Formats 

the closed caption is white text in a black box but the open caption isn’t enclosed in a black box.

  • Controlling

open captions are burnt onto the video or the stream can’t be closed

but the closed caption can be turned on and off from your TV or DVD.

  • Advantages  

-Open captions don’t need to turn it on or off so you don’t need a special media player or platform or technical devices.

-The closed caption can be removed at any time you want.


  • Disadvantages

the open captions can be invisible or fainted in white backgrounds and blurred if the video is low quality.

the closed captions need a special media player or platform or technical devices and you have to turn it on.

so, by knowing all the differences between the 2 kinds of captioning you can make the right decision according to clients’ guidance and needs.

If you still confused about it you can ask me now.


How to judge the quality of your video subtitling?

If you are a client or an audience you need to know how to judge the quality of your video subtitling.

First, you must know that the shot subtitling affects your company’s marketing targets and also demolish the full message that you want to reach your audience.

so, assessment of the subtitling quality is a very important step to get the best for your audience and marketing targets.

  • Accuracy 

accuracy is the first parameter to judge the quality of subtitling.

 the subtitler must make sure of each word meaning that it doesn’t mean word to word translation but overall, of meaning must be accurate and fluent.

also, the full text must be translated without any inadvertently falling of any speech of dialogues.


  • Transcreation 

Transcreation is a weighty parameter to assure in subtitling because sends the soul of dialogue on to the audience by matching the audience’s culture and client guidance.


  • Formatting 

The formatting of subtitles affects the audience’s interest in the video.

Of course, we all need a video with clear and apparent subtitles that follows the time of dialogue; subtitles also mustn’t exceed the number of characters, with good placement on the screen.

  • Guidance 

Following the client’s guide is an additional benefit, as every website or platform must follow these instructions to harmonize all video production according to the target audience.


These are some of all quality parameter but I am sure these blogs add some to your information if you have more questions about the quality assurance of subtitling you are welcomed to ask 


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