How to judge the quality of your video subtitling?
February 2023


If you are a client or an audience you need to know how to judge the quality of your video subtitling.

First, you must know that the shot subtitling affects your company’s marketing targets and also demolish the full message that you want to reach your audience.

How to judge the quality of your video subtitling?

So, assessment of the subtitling quality is a very important step to get the best for your audience and marketing targets.

  • Accuracy 

Accuracy is the first parameter to judge the quality of subtitling.

 The subtitler must make sure of each word meaning that it doesn’t mean word to word translation but overall, of meaning must be accurate and fluent.

Also, the full text must be translated without any inadvertently falling of any speech of dialogues.


  • Transcreation 

Transcreation is a weighty parameter to assure in subtitling because sends the soul of dialogue on to the audience by matching the audience’s culture and client guidance.


  • Formatting 

The formatting of subtitles affects the audience’s interest in the video.

Of course, we all need a video with clear and apparent subtitles that follows the time of dialogue; subtitles also mustn’t exceed the numbers of characters, with good placement on the screen.

  • Guidance 

Following the client’s guide is an additional benefit, as every website or platform must follow these instructions to harmonize all video production according to the target audience.


These are some of all quality parameters but I am sure these blogs add some to your information if you have more questions about the quality assurance of subtitling you are welcomed to ask.


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